Group Members



Graduate students



Starting from top left: Wolfgang Ketterle, Ivana Dimitrova, Jesse Amato-Grill, Niki Jepsen, Eunice Lee

Former Members

  • Will Lunden (now at Vector Atomic)
  • Guoquing Wang (now a graduate student in Paola Cappellaro's group at MIT)
  • Yichao Yu (now a graduate student at Harvard University, Ni group)
  • Alexander Keesling (now a graduate student at Harvard University, Lukin group)
  • Michael Messer (now a graduate student at ETH, Tilman Esslinger's group)
  • Thomas Rigaldo
  • David Weld (now an assistant professor at UCSB)
  • Graciana Puentes (now Senior Researcher and Assistant Professor at CONICET and University of Buenos Aires - Permanent position)